Microsoft launches new visual search for Bing

Microsoft is rolling out a new feature in its search engine Bing called Visual Search. The feature is part of the company’s effort to push search into new directions to differentiate Bing from Google, the market leader in search.

Bing Visual Search

Visual Search, currently in a beta test phase, allows users to search visually, such as through a photo gallery of Major League Baseball players, instead of scrolling through text links.Users can then continue to narrow their search, such as “highest paid” players, then “shortstop.” The feature requires users to download Silverlight, Microsoft’s video software.
The feature is available in U.S. only about 50 categories, including celebrities, movies, U.S. politicians, yoga poses, cellphones, digital cameras and pro athletes. To try it out, go to When you enter a search term, an option appears in the left column of the page that says “Visualize (search term).” Sadly, “Visualize Ballard” is not one of the beta categories.
“The idea behind it was to present information to enable people to use very simple filters to sort through large amounts of information that previously were hard to get through on the Web”
“We’re positioning Bing as a decision engine. This really is a faster way to make decisions. This is one of the more compelling ways we have to pay that vision off”

Here’s how you can quickly enable Bing Visual Search in your browser. Go to and set your country as United States. Save the settings and you will then be able to enjoy the visual search feature of Bing at
Source : Click here.


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